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We are proud Texans at Fraley Patent Law and love serving the community of Houston. Our amazing and wonderful state is one of a kind and we truly believe is filled with the best people. We take pride in Houston and treat every client like family. Houston has withstood many challenging times with a lot of natural disasters hitting our beautiful city. The people here are strong willed and don’t back down to a fight. That is why we love having an office in the heart of the energy corridor where we get to know so many amazing entrepreneurs and businesses.

Our trademark services are top of the line. We have helped many clients looking for a trustworthy trademark lawyer Houston. Our clients know that when they come to us, they are getting reliable services in the Houston area. We believe that every brand and business should have protection over their unique property and know what a hassle it can be when someone tries to copy or profit off of your brand. We will make sure that your business gets trademarked and help against those trying to use your brand as their own. When you come to us we will initially do a trademark search to make sure your brand is not too similar to another trademarked brand so that you won’t have to deal with rebranding later on or getting hit with a cease and desist during your trademark application. We also offer the service of renewing your trademarks on time so you don’t have to pay any fees with a late renewal. Hiring us will help you stay worry free and you won’t have the hassle of all the legal issues that can arise when you don’t renew your trademark. We are specialists in that field so let us take care of it for you. If you are already in the process of applying for a trademark application it is not too late to call us to help. We know a lot about trademarks and patents and will be able to give you skilled legal advice. 

We not only have a great trademark attorney Houston but we also have a successful patent attorney Houston. Our services are unlike any other lawyer you will find because we use complete transparency in everything we do. We communicate with our clients and make sure they are aware of every step of the process and are comfortable with what we do. If you are looking for a patent lawyer Houston area then you have come to the right place. We not only offer affordable pricing, we offer full patent services. We have helped many clients with a variety of patent applications such as, a utility patent, design patent, and provisional patent application. We will help you with an initial consultation to talk over what happens when you apply for a patent and whether or not your idea or product can be patented. We will go over a price quote with you and give you a fair price. Each type of application is different and therefore comes at a different cost. We have a list of prices on our patent services page that goes further into detail about costs. Once we have gone over price and initial consultation, we will begin the application process if you are ready to move forward. We make sure not to rush you or your decisions so that you can feel comfortable every step of the way. Our Houston patent attorney will be there with you through every step of the process. We will respond to the patent office once we hear back from them and make arguments for patentability against any claims they have against your idea or product not being patentable. We have a proven track record for getting our clients intellectual property patented and we don't let anything stand in our way. We are your go to patent attorney Houston TX. If you are confused about the process or just need help responding to the USPTO we are here to help. Call us today so that we can help protect your ideas.

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Houston Office

11111 Katy Freeway
Suite 910
Houston, TX 77079