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At Fraley Patent Law we are proud to call Texas our home. We know the hard work Texans put into their businesses and love the people we are able to help. Our main office is located in the heart of downtown Austin where we are able to experience the pleasure of meeting so many dedicated entrepreneurs. We are extremely proud to be an Austin patent attorney. Out of all the Austin patent law firms, we know that what we offer is valuable. When you hire a patent lawyer Austin, we know you are looking for someone trustworthy and reliable to help protect your ideas and brands. That’s why we take each client very seriously and make sure to be completely transparent when it comes to how to apply for a patent or trademark. We do not have any hidden fees that will take you by surprise. Our pricing is one hundred percent fair and affordable.

When filing for a patent application the process can seem daunting and complex. That’s why hiring our patent attorney Austin is essential because we know patent laws inside and out. We offer a variety of patent services. We offer expertise in intellectual property, and law pertaining to an inventor's property rights. We are the experts in filing patent applications. We can and have helped numerous clients with utility patent, design patent, provisional patent application and more. We will advise you on costs, benefits, risks and advantages when filing for a patent. Also we will advise you on your options when filing for protection for your invention in the United States and foriegn countries. We will let you know whether you should consider a provisional patent application, PCT application and so on. At Fraley Patent Law we are able to help our clients beyond just filing for patents. We are able to build a strategy to help with what comes after and show you how you will protect your invention in the long run.

We also offer a variety of trademark services as well. If you need a trademark attorney Austin, we are the ones to call. Our services include trademark search, trademark application and other services. Hiring our attorneys can help your trademark application register with success increase significantly, because only 34% of TEAS Plus applications and 16% of TEAS RF applications receive a first action approval when filed. If you file for a trademark application and are not sure if you did or are doing it correctly, you can lose your government filing fee, submit an application that is rejected, or have an application that is seen by a trademark owner who issues a cease and desist. Our attorney’s can help your application process go smoothly and make sure you are getting great services when filing for an application. It’s not too late to call us if you have already started your trademark application.

Don’t wait, hire a patent attorney Austin, TX today at Fraley Patent Law and let us help you with the services you require. We know patent law and trademark law and want to help our fellow Austin citizens. Call us today or book a free consultation to get started.

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