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Daniel Fraley
Fraley Patent Law, PLLC

BS Mechanical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

SMU Dedman School of Law

Bar Admissions

Supreme Court of Texas

Registered Patent Attorney

Registered patent practitioner with the US Patent and Trademark Office since 2011

Experience with Many Technologies

Serving Individual Inventors to Fortune 500 Companies
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consumer Products
  • Automotive
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Hardware
Practice Areas
As an Austin patent attorney, our expertise is in patents and trademarks. We protect our clients intellectual property by helping them through the process of patent applications, trademark applications and everything in between. We are also experts in patent attorney Houston and trademark attorney Dallas. Click below for pricing and more information.

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Patent Attorney

When you choose Fraley Patent Law, we know you are trusting us with your valuable ideas. We take being an Austin patent attorney seriously and that is why we offer personalized services. Every situation is unique so we make sure to customize your service to your needs and budget. Our flat-fee pricing is upfront with no hidden fees. Or you can pay hourly, whichever is better for you. We take pride in knowing that we don’t surprise you with any fees later on and understand that quality service should not cost you a fortune. That is why we come with highly competitive prices. We have easy online payment to make your life easier and hassle free. We offer free consultations so you can talk to a professional trademark attorney Dallas or a Houston patent attorney without any obligations. We have offices in Austin, but serve clients everywhere in the United States and abroad. We have served clients in a number of industries ranging from medical to consumer products. We have filed for all kinds of patents including but not limited to utility patents and design patents. Our patent attorney Austin takes the time to learn about his clients throughout the patent application process. The patent application process can be difficult to navigate by yourself so hiring an expert like us is essential in making sure that your patent is approved. We know the patent process through and through and understand what it takes to get the patent office to approve your application. We make compelling arguments for patentability when the initial application is rejected so that we can ensure your ideas are protected. If you have any questions about our services or process, book a free consultation with one of our patent lawyer Austin now. Don’t hesitate to start protecting your intellectual property.

Our Trademark Services

When you are looking to protect your brand or business, you will want a trademark attorney Austin. Our trademark services are effective but we offer complete service from trademark applications to renewing your trademarks before those pesky deadlines hit. We help our customers from every industry analyze a trademark search to strengths and weaknesses for your trademark application. We have served inventors in fortune 500 companies and have had proven success with our clients. If you are looking for a trustworthy trademark attorney Houston, we are the law firm for you. We serve Austin, Dallas and Houston so that we can be easily accessible wherever our clients are. Our Austin, Houston and Dallas trademark attorney are highly skilled specialists in the law of patents and trademarks and we also have an intellectual property attorney Dallas. We make sure that your brand is strong and can last so that you can avoid the pressures and high costs of rebranding in the future. Our process protects your brand from competitors and others looking to gain off of your hard work and unique brand. The trademark application process can be lengthy and complex, so it is a good idea to hire an attorney to ensure that you don’t have to pay any extra fees and get the trademark you are requesting. What makes us different at Fraley Patent Law is that we have no hidden fees that will surprise you and offer flat-fee pricing so you can be aware of every cost upfront. We believe that it should not cost you a fortune to protect your ideas and want all of our clients to be successful in their endeavors. We love serving the entrepreneurs we meet and look forward to helping more in the future. Book our services today so you know you are gettinga trademark attorney Dallas and  the rest of Texas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions regarding patent applications, provisional patent application, utility patent, design patent and trademarks. We have taken the time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Click on them below to find some answers you may be looking for. If we haven't answered your question here, book a free consultation today and we can answer any question you have.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a mark used in trade to identify the source of goods or services.

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What is a patent?

A patent is government-granted right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing your invention.

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See all of the Frequently Asked Questions by going to the FAQ Page
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